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Say Hello To Twitter.. Your New Friend!

Website, Twitter, Google… Oh My!

Say Hello To Twitter.. Your New Friend!
Over the past few weeks, many people have asked me about Twitter.

Questions have ranged from:

  • “How do I get business from Twitter?”
  • “Why do I need Twitter?”
  • “What is a #hashtag?”
  • “How can I rank higher in Google using Twitter and Facebook?”

Well over the next few days I will be showing you how to do all of the above and tell you why using social networks like Twitter and Facebook are key elements in promoting yourself, your brand and your products!

Upcoming topics on PixelR3AP3R.com will show you the basics of finding, installing and setting up a “wordpress to twitter plugin” that will make your website talk to twitter.  You will learn how to set up facebook to pull your current tweets.

Finally we will tie the whole process together and see how all of this affects Google search results via “Google Realtime!”

I know this seems like a lot to grasp at a glance, but stick with me and you will see results in the end.

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Real-time video processing with HTML5

Real-time video processing with html5 video + canvas + javascript + css.

How does this work? An HTML5 video gets rendered (every 33 milliseconds == 30 frames per second) into a (hidden) canvas element, the pixel information of that canvas is fetched and transformed via javascript and written into the output canvas you see above. the javascript transformation is controlled via the effects, the CSS values can be changed with the range controllers on the right hand side.

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