Spartan 117

“Spartan 117” featured on

The Bungie Weekly All Stars

Every week Bungie, the amazing people who created the Legendary gaming phenomenon known as “HALO”, hold an “All Star” competition to see who’s got what it takes to rise above the other mortals and trolls on the internet. The criteria for each week can change drastically and to be honest, I ignored all of them until last week when they announced the challenge would be to create a wallpaper worthy of honor.

The Origins

“Spartan 117” started as a simple/quick 5 min sketch, using a detailed Spartan toy from McFarlane Toys as a reference point. Once I had the “Chief” down, I laid out the image in my head and jumped in to Painter.

Having just finished up my “Hulk” painting, I was eager to get started.

I wanted to show the struggle between the light/dark and the human/alien conflict all in one painting… So I made The Master Chief the literal “center” of the image and used him as a dividing line. The darkness is creeping in to the light with the advancement of the Covenant cruiser that is looming in the distance.

Subtle purples and blues offset the yellows and browns that support the central figure.

The Spoils of War!

For my hard work, I have been granted a exclusive “star name plate, a mention on the website and some bragging rights!

More importantly, I have validation, knowing that out of then thousands upon thousands of submissions, “Spartan 117” was gazed upon by the very people I have admired for over a decade… and they said “Good Job!”

For that I say Thank You!