Photo Retouching

Over the past decade I have used Photoshop to retouch and master countless photos for reproduction, print and the web for clients, family and friends. Although I can not possibly display them all, here are a few for you to view.


Wedding Photos

Client requested to have this old photograph of his parents wedding retouched for print. The photo was found after decades of being stored in an attic with tape on it and creases through out.

Client: Infinity Photography

Original wedding photography retouched to clean up foreground/background scenery including removing litter, adding grass, removing pedestrians and vehicles. Minor color corrections were made to enhance the final image for high resolution prints.



Client: HyperKore Gaming Systems, Inc.

I shot the original photos against a solid background then placed the necessary computer equipment in to the shot to provide a cohesive final image that resembled a full computer set up. Color corrections and shadows were digitally added to emphasize the mood of the final high resolution image. Used for print ads and promotional posters.



Client requested that 2 family members be removed and a natural looking wall be added for a “tribute card” that would contain text in the blank area.

Art & Design of Thomas Volpe