Saturday Night Fever

Ever wonder what I do on a Saturday nigh? Get drunk? Go to a club? Nah, not I guy!

Driven Sports - HomeI have been updating so that you can have a seamless experience once this gravy train gets rollin’. Sorting through sketches and web stuffs for the new gallery (a small sampling can be found in the Web Design Gallery. More will be coming in the next few days.

I have also been setting up feedburner so you can easily subscribe to get Pixel R3AP3R updates in a variety of delicious flavors; including emailed directly to you.  That’s right , you can have it all come to you! No need to venture out in to the scary world wide webz of doom! More >

Real-time video processing with HTML5

Real-time video processing with html5 video + canvas + javascript + css.

How does this work? An HTML5 video gets rendered (every 33 milliseconds == 30 frames per second) into a (hidden) canvas element, the pixel information of that canvas is fetched and transformed via javascript and written into the output canvas you see above. the javascript transformation is controlled via the effects, the CSS values can be changed with the range controllers on the right hand side.

See the demo after the jump
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