Poor Bunny

Featured image: Poor Bunny

Some days you just don’t feel all warm and fuzzy!

The initial idea for “Poor Bunny” was a cute bunny that would have been holding a heart. With a nice red background… Awwww how cute!

Yeah, but that’s not really my style!

As I started blocking out Poor Bunny’s colors and the overall composition of the design, the heart became too boring as the main focal point and I felt it just didn’t fit in.

The evolution of the original concept went form a heart, to a broken/bleeding heart… Not bad, but I felt it had been done before. There was no reason to look at the design.

The once happy smile of the bunny turned to a sadder, wide eyed expression. I started to ask “why?” Why is he so upset? Love? Love lost? Broken heart? No one loves him? He was betrayed? His heart was ripped out!

That’s it, his heart was ripped out! Now with a story behind him, the bunny started to take on a life, almost directing the painting on his own! This changed everything that I had initially thought the painting would be! Bright reds, turned to darker more muted colors. Happiness turned dark, and sad.

His eyes grew wider and his stare was blank… almost begging for help.

Who did this to him? Did he do it himself? You decide….