Code faster with Zen Coding

As a full time web developer, I am always looking for new ways to reduce my coding time with helpful shortcuts. We all have our own repositories of snippets and custom code that we often use (you have one too, right?!) but what about the simple things in our coding life that we repeatedly have to type, like the every nagging unordered lists!?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple way that we could generate those lists with just a few keyboard taps? Well, now we can!

Enter The Zen!

Zen Coding is a handy, light weight editor plugin designed for fast HTML coding.  You can also use it for XML and XSL (or any other structured code format).

To learn more about this amazing plugin, find helpful tips and links to download, go to the Sure Fire Web Services and find out “Why Zen Coding is Awesome!”

Update: Cheat Sheet for Zen Coding!
  Since writing this, I have been searching for the best “cheat sheet” for Zen Coding.  I thought I knew a lot of shortcuts… Until I saw this Zen Coding Cheat Sheet.

Happy Coding, Enjoy!